Sarah Foskett DO

I have been an Osteopath since 1989 when I returned to North Wales to practice after studying and learning my trade under the influence and guidance of Mr John Wernham DO at the Maidstone College of Osteopathy.

Here in the fantastic surroundings of Snowdonia, I am at home with my family – Vincent and daughters Morgan Isobel and Connie Fflur. We are honoured to live a stones throw (well an extremely good Tee Shot!) from the beach.

I was used to Osteopathy as a child having seeing it help my family and at that point being a more underground profession, it did not worry me. Osteopathy is an all round trade and I enjoy the connection I have with my patients – helping and understanding their needs for a healthier life.

I was between 2002/2006 a Council Member for the British Osteopathic Association – kind of union of the Osteopathic world. My involvement took me to various meetings effecting policy decisions and hoping to guide the Association. It is a member association and therefore listens to their members needs and concerns.

I was a Committee Member of the Communications Committee of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) – this is the Governing Body of Osteopathy, and I feel it is important to link the Council to the everyday Osteopath out in the field.

I love the outdoors, so walking, sailing, golfing are my main passions along with more restful exercise of swimming, Tai Chi and Yoga.

If I can be of any assistance or you have any queries, please feel free to ask.